Products Liability

Product manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products are safe when consumers use them properly or to warn consumers of any risks they take when using the product. Unfortunately, people are hurt every day because manufacturers failed to live up to their duty.

If you take legal action to hold the manufacturer accountable, it is called a products liability claim. These can be complicated cases. They take skill, experience and resources to be handled effectively. They may involve taking on major corporations or engaging in national litigation.

At our firm, we have the experience and resources necessary to successfully handle these cases. Jerry Abdalla has spent his career as a commercial litigator and federal prosecutor – investigating and pursuing these types of complex cases.

We stand ready to assist those individuals in Mississippi who have been hurt by defective products. Contact Abdalla Law, PLLC, to get started.

What are Common Defective Products Claims?

Any defective product that causes injuries can give rise to a products liability claim. However, the most common involve:

  • Medical devices (hip and breast implants, surgical mesh implants)
  • Pharmaceuticals (diabetes drugs, diet drugs, birth control, vaccines)
  • Motor vehicles or automotive parts (brakes, tires, fuel tanks)
  • Electronic devices (computers, TVs, radios)
  • Tools and power equipment (drills, saws)
  • Motorcycles (scooters, mopeds, ATVs)
  • Personal watercraft (Jet Skis or Sea-Doos)
  • Household items (lamps, blenders, grills)
  • Children’s products (strollers, cribs, toys, car seats)
  • Contaminated food (salmonella, e. coli)
  • Dangerous tobacco products (smokeless tobacco).

No matter what type of product is involved, the legal principles that give victims the right to recover compensation will be the same.

How to Hold Defective Product Manufacturers Liable in Mississippi

In Mississippi, a manufacturer may be held liable for your injuries based on:

Design Defects
A forklift’s design, for instance, caused it to easily tip over.
Manufacturing Defects
Being injured by a defective power tool or skill saw.
Failure to Warn
An electronic device manufacturer, for instance, should have warned that the product would become hot to touch if left on for a long time.
You may not be the only one to be injured by a product defect. In fact, thousands of others across the country or around the world may have been harmed the same way.

The defect may have led to a product recall or warnings issued by agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Consumer Product Safety Commission or Food Safety and Inspection Services.

The defect may have also led to one of two types of major litigation:

Class Action Lawsuit
This is where several different plaintiffs who have been hurt in the same way by the same product join together in one lawsuit against the manufacturer.
Multidistrict Litigation (MDL)
This is where several plaintiffs maintain individual lawsuits against the manufacturer, but their cases are consolidated in one federal court for pretrial proceedings.

How a Mississippi Product Liability Lawyer Can Help You

Our firm is well-positioned to protect your rights in major product liability cases.

We can immediately begin the process or pursing compensation for bodily injury, property damages and/or emotional distress you may have suffered because of a defective product.

To receive a free consultation about your case, contact our firm today.

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